Nipissing University's iLEAD program is proud to have the opportunity to send a team of 11 advanced business students and faculty members for the 5th consecutive year on a special international project to Jamaica. The The trip departs on Sunday, February 14 and returns on Sunday, February 21, 2016. This year, they will be offering consulting work to an Eco-tourism resort called Fern Forest Eco-Village. For more information on iLEAD program, please visit our website.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Last Full Day in Paradise

Today was our last full day in Jamaica and we spent our free time doing some excursions and soaking up the rays. We started off our day by heading to Blue Hole, located in Ocho Rios. The taxi ride there was one of the most “thrilling” drives yet; jam-packed with uphill tight turns, speeding, and lots of honking! Once we arrived at Blue Hole we were faced with climbing up yet another waterfall. This time, however, we had the chance to jump off cliffs, climb in caves, swim in water holes, and swing off the rope swing. Those who were brave enough jumped off a 25 ft. cliff at the end of the tour. We may have got a few scrapes and bruises but it was well worth it! After gathering our belongings and saying goodbye to our tour guide, Captain Morgan, we began the wait for our taxi driver. You would think we would be used to “island time” after being here for a week, but us Canadians are so reliant on time and we soon grew impatient. The taxi driver arrived fashionably late, an hour and a half behind schedule. 

Once we made it back to the hotel we sat down for a well-deserved lunch. Next we headed straight for the beach to make the most of our last day in Jamaica. The beach was covered with crabs today so a few of us attempted to catch them. We were unsuccessful. There were huge rolling waves that tossed us around in the water. After losing sunglasses, hats, and bathing suits, we learned that the ocean always wins. Kim may have swallowed half the sea, but she not so gracefully returned it.

We finished the day with a nice group dinner, reminiscing about our week in paradise. There was non-stop laughing and many memories made. This is a trip that won’t be forgotten.

Katie Benson

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