Nipissing University's iLEAD program is proud to have the opportunity to send a team of 11 advanced business students and faculty members for the 5th consecutive year on a special international project to Jamaica. The The trip departs on Sunday, February 14 and returns on Sunday, February 21, 2016. This year, they will be offering consulting work to an Eco-tourism resort called Fern Forest Eco-Village. For more information on iLEAD program, please visit our website.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

An Authentic Jamaica Dinner

Greetings from the sunny island of Jamaica! We’ve got a day and a half left of our trip and, up until this point, it’s been a great experience filled with adventure, friendly locals and of course, great local cuisine. Today we started our day with breakfast by the ocean and moved up to the conference room where we had the opportunity to work in our groups and begin to examine the information we’ve gathered so far. Our work session was capped off with a presentation of our business ideas to a guest from our resort that happened to also be a successful Canadian lawyer, banker and entrepreneur. Talk about a real life Dragon’s Dens.

After spending the remainder of the afternoon by the pool I threw on my classiest island garb and piled into the safari van with the rest of the group. We drove 20 minutes to a gated community situated in the Jamaican hillside, where Natalya's cousin has his home. Awaiting us was a traditional Jamaican buffet filled with jerk chicken, curried mutton, rice and beans, pig tails, breadfruit, festival and fried fish. For dessert we had a choice of chocolate coffee cake, Lychee cake and watermelon lollipops.

Well that’s it for me tonight, a full stomach and the sound of the ocean waves crashing outside my room has me ready for a good sleep, but stay tuned there will be more to come!

Andrew Holland

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