Nipissing University's iLEAD program is proud to have the opportunity to send a team of 11 advanced business students and faculty members for the 5th consecutive year on a special international project to Jamaica. The The trip departs on Sunday, February 14 and returns on Sunday, February 21, 2016. This year, they will be offering consulting work to an Eco-tourism resort called Fern Forest Eco-Village. For more information on iLEAD program, please visit our website.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day Two

We arrived in Jamaica at approximately 4pm Sunday evening. We then took a bus and pulled up to the resort at about 7:30, which meant we were just in time for supper. Prior to departing Canada, I was told endlessly about the wonders of jerk chicken. Due to this, I am excited to try this highly regarded Jamaican cuisine. Unfortunately, there was no jerk chicken for our first meal so the thirst that I possess for this chicken is yet to be quenched. I still remain hopeful that in some point during our journey in Jamaica I will be able to try some authentic jerk chicken.

In the afternoon we went to Dunn's River Falls. For those who are not familiar with Dunn's River Falls, it is a popular tourist attraction that allows people to climb the waterfall. With the help of an excellent tour guide named Murray and our stellar teamwork skills, we managed to climb the waterfall with only a few scrapes and bruises. I am proud of the group and the perseverance we all had.

At the end of the journey, like many attractions, we exited through a "gift shop". One of the vendors managed to convince me to buy a small wooden statues. I made the mistake if telling him my name, he proceeded to carve my name into the statue. I couldn't help but admire his excellent carving skills. I gave him the last two dollars I had on my person, which meant I got a relatively inexpensive souvenir.

To conclude, it has been an excellent first full day in Jamaica. The weather is nice, the food is good, and the people are great. What's not to love?

Brenden Benoit 

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